few things:

1. The Scale of Intervention
Friday I went and saw the panel discussion at the New Museum co-organized by Conflux. (so sad, I'll miss the festival this weekend; ah, but james beckons!)
Moderated by Wooster Collective, with Betsey Biggs, CutUp Collective, Leon Reid IV (of Darius + Downey), and Roadsworth.

4a. One more time...

11 dreams in Red Hook was unfortunately rained out last Saturday, thanks to Hanna, but Betsey is looking to begin anew this Thursday. Currently looking around for colored stickers with numbers and cassette tapes. Hopefully Ike will stay away this weekend. And Josephine.

For now, you can look at the pretty site I put together for Betsey, listen to deep blue sea, and plan on Thursday.

2. Cell Phone's *glitchglitchbi tchgl itch* Dead.
So if you're trying to contact me through text message, I'm sorry but it never reached me. Or it did, but I can't open it. My cell phone went for a swim in the rainstorm while in my bag on Friday without asking (although I'm sure I wouldn't've given it permission to do so). Therefore, if you are not in my contacts and your phone number contains the numbers 2,3,6,7,0,*, or 'menu/ok', you will not be hearing from me again. Or until Verizon sucks it up and actually does something good for its long-term customers/Hell freezes over.

Also (losing air) with the demise of my 'menu/ok' key goes the shutter to my camera/vidcam, and the main means for my project LUCID. lksdjflsjfkjsd. If anyone knows where I can get another LG Chocolate phone in a hurry for less than the retail $300, I would be much obliged.
If my phone accidentally calls you, I didn't mean it.

3. So I said in the next 5 years but...
...maybe sooner than I thought.
Thinking about it.

4. James! Liz! Boston!
We never thought it'd happen this side of the Atlantic, but I'm going to see james up in Boston with Liz and Josh this coming weekend. Planning on taking the Chinatown bus for a bank-breaking $30. If anyone knows about using this line, let me know. I'm up for an adventure.

6. Currently listening to:
Digitalism radio on Pandora
and psychothriller (
à la Nick Nocetti)

7. Blueberry muffins.
I made some today and am kind of proud.

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