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i feel weird.


walk path path nyc walk walk path walk Nwk car path walk light rail cab north bergen work no cabs walk 89 bus ticket njtransit. 20 minutes to spare. finally going home. just 2.5 hours to go... Happy holidays :)


Decem ber also

first snow in Brick City.

Visit to Ash in the village. He needed a head massage. And we needed to see the only living tree in new york.

high glitter.

nasa nsasa nasanasnanssnanssaa nasa


Grand Central and 7 to Flushing to put the finishing lighting on Jo's piece and the opening of Cryptoreal.

Another successful potluck

nyu waiting

Nancy was feeling domestic:

thanksgiving with the family.



i hate time's square.

4th floor.

a little soul food at momma's in LES, Sophie's, and bagels on 9th.

Saw Love is All at Bowery with Brian. Strange triptychs.
Jesus of the convenience store; goddess of the bathroom stall.

A bunch of heartless bastards took the time to clip every single spoke on my beloved santa fe, steal the handlebars, and tear the tires in williamsburg. It looked so violated. I cried in the rain to the neighbor and wished I knew any useful Spanish. Brian helped me cart it back on the J to Newark the next week. Poor baby. I'm sorry Ben!!

Transparent surfaces, translucent fish tanks.

It's times like this you love being an artist.
We're also interior designers.

Rob and the make-shift visualizer that is our kitchen.


NASA: Newark Artists Space Association is underway. Gotta love the momentum...

Swank designer holiday party in Soho, where the fire is plasma and Ari harasses the DJ to play Fired up! tracks.


Second meeting of NASA called for spontaneous game of marbles.


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