Amanda Barrett
Camera phone, CD ROM lens

Lucid is an ongoing experiment in everyday "science fiction". Utilizing common portable technology, Lucid attempts to capture scattered momentary emotions and intimate textures through a collection of microscopic videos.
Gathered through the artist's OCD tendencies to maintain and arrange, the project offers synthesized vignettes derived from personal experience for reinterpretation.

Amanda Barrett is a BFA graduate of the Mason Gross School of the Arts and new media artist currently working and wondering in Jersey City, NJ.



catching lightning in a bottle

Satiation is boring. Controlled currents are boring. Happiness is boring. Timeliness is boring. Peace is boring. Destiny is boring.

Resistence is electrical. Obsession is invigorating. Natural order is perplexing. Risk is alive. Hunger is essential. Death is necessary.



1. starships 2. microscopes 3. star maps 4. stratosphere 5. exosphere 6. troposphere 7. cultures 8. hell 9. the devil 10. angels 11. levels 12. layers 13. womb 14. carnal 15. knowing 16. destiny 17. nurture 18. semantics 19.

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