since obama's been elected...

1. I've discovered quail eggs.

2. I've once again become part of the biking elite. (And it's a huffy! woot. Thanks Marie and Ben.)

3. Celebratory bike ride through Newark after Obama's victory speech.
Lots of yelling and waving to people at bus stops down Broad.

(Tequila was consumed for all red states to soften the blow.)

And somewhere in the Ironbound a little orange butterfly is chilling with a little orange bee. Oh yeah, and there are beans above NJ on rt. 22 apparently.

4. Haunting. The amount of Virgin Mary images I've seen in the past week has been alarming. I guess that's what you get when you stay in the house of a folklorist and work for an artist whose work is often displayed in a church.

On that note:

5. I stayed in Williamsburg at Kay's place for the last couple of weeks while she's been in Amsterdam. It was GREAT not having to take the hour+ commute into work every day; biking is so much better. However, my key ring made me look like someone's super.

Also on that note:

6. I've been working mostly nonstop for Jo Yarrington's installation at St. George's in Flushing. CT, Williamsburg, Queens--we finally all finished the work today and it looks beautiful. Although I'd prefer not to have to use a razor or caulking gun again for at least a couple of weeks.

Cryptoreal: Art and Myth
St. George's Church Artist Residency Program
Francis Lewis Gallery
Opening Reception: Friday, November 21st, 6-9pm

Still there has been time for fun:

7. Danced. Easy Lover Loft on 9th. Oh yeah.
FYI: Ross isn't from America; Pata has Moiz's jacket; Sam is tall.

8. Potluck at Lynn's in JC. Very nice. Fractal food, fractal friends, and wine.

Still can't remember why she has a hammer.

9. Jon Dugan turned 24. I got very drunk. None of us look Lebanese. Yup, b.gf.e.

9. Back in Newark. Believe it or not I'm beginning to feel more whole.
Despite this:
Yes, that say 8,191 unread messages.
Don't worry, all the important ones were forwarded.
Thank god my Rutgers account is being deleted.

Bathroom sink:

And did I mention it's raining in the living room?

Home sweet home. ...Platypus.


patriotic duty

Taken from Double J's Future is Unknown party.

I voted in Essex County today. Guess who?


October in brief

Here goes...

Mortega the Creep returned from Barcelona and came to the loft in Newark for dinner. I make a pretty good stir-fry.

Rediscovered the Garment District while wandering around the city. So shiny, so wonderful.

On the 4th, we had dinner at Matt and Jake's in JC during the Jersey City Artist Studios Tour. Somehow ended up in cabs/bikes to Lucky 7's and the Lamp Post--imagine that. Yes, and you can't get much more Jersey than that.

It occurred to me that if an ant were to cross the Grand Canyon, it might not even register it.

Attended Damian Catera's soundwalk with Ross and Steph at Van Vorst Park in JC. Beautiful.

Just for fun.

We had a massive potluck dinner at the loft on the 12th. This was only the beginning.

Working up by Mary Ann's in North Bergen, NJ.


Walking home in Newark. I really need a bike.

Night and day. Ari's home so little; I miss her.

Acted as videographer/photographer for BAC's Folk Arts event on the 16th in Brooklyn and met some of the dancers/performers I've been staring at via web responsibilities. As colorful as it looks.

Drinks with David. I had a good night.

More trains. Always more trains...

Recently been editing a bit via NYU for Jo. Preparing a stencil for her installation in Queens. Recently also obtained another job through film agent Thomas Turley at The Right Eye in Union Square. The network is growing. Always useful as the economy crashes....

I went to Koreatown on 32nd at a place called Oz to have my haircut, first time professionally in forever. I think they just succeeded in making me look more Asian. Swell.

Went trolling around the city with Ross on the 18th. Damage: 9 bars in LES, much less to drink. Favored the Mercury Lounge. And Ross really liked his rocking horse shirt. (It has rhinestones, so duh.)

Had a date with Meg on the 23rd, to catch up on old 455 Wayne times. Visited Marco and Pepe's and Skinner's for way too much food. (And somewhere in the distance, Derek wondered how the Phillies had landed him in the shower.)

This isn't the space but saw the Miracles of Modern Science surrounded by Princetonites in Williamsburg on the 25th, and they're worth sharing.

Mary Ann celebrated her birthday on the 26th. Four pots of chili and sour cream. Amazing. (Thanks, Michael)


There are things I remember from the 31st and things that I don't.

Now go and vote. And not for them.

Happy November.

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